In close cooperation with our customers we develop innovative and practical solutions within the given budget for the improvement / conversion of existing facilities or building new facilities. Thereby quality, safety and the given time frame are the focus of our attention. We comply with existing industrial standards. Furthermore we do not lose sight of future developments in design and technological solutions and exceed excisting standards.

For the processing of projects our engineers have access to a large network of professionals from various disciplines and partner companies, so our customers can be offered a wide portfolio of service and a quick processing.

Another important point in the development of concepts lies in the environmental performance of our proposed solutions. In our Engineering and Design for future facilities we take the use of sustainable and environmental friendly processes into consideration.

We can assist you in all phases according HOAI:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Defining the task
  • General advice on the project, e.g. inventory, site analysis, etc.
  • Basic design with cost estimation
  • Preliminary design and cost calculation
  • Approval planning
  • Detail design
  • Preparation of contract award, including identification of the quantities and the preparation of specifications
  • Participation in the award, including cost estimate
  • Third-party field inspection and documentation
  • Property management

or an established practice for international projects in accordance with the ASME Standards of the USA

  • Basis of design
  • Conceptual schematic design
  • Advanced schematic design
  • Permitting design
  • Final design/detail design
  • Construction documents
  • As built documentation

For international projects, we refer, of course, to the applicable regional standards in our planning.